How to renew Jio Prime Membership

In this article i’ll be telling you guys “How to renew JIO PRIME Membership for FREE!” :


As you guys know that last year Reliance Jio gave Jio Prime Membership to its users for Rs99 for the validity of 1 year(365 days).
And today is 31st March 2018 which means you prime membership will expire but… Heres the catch ” it won’t” because Reliance Jio recently announced that they are providing “free extension of Prime Membership for its Prime Members” .


Here’s a official Message you need to see :

jio prime

And now i’ll tell you how to do that:

1. Open My Jio App, on the main screen you will see a RED BANNER at Top Centre of screen which says this :


prime red banner

2. Tap on GET NOW button, after tapping on it you’ll get this message :


prime message


3. And this will be the final message :



Wrapping up

This Way you can renew your Jio Prime Membership.
Happy To Help.


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